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If There’s One Thing That Offends Me…

The problem with [this line of] thinking, and [that] of the majority of Christians, is they forget the feelings of the people in minority religions.  If we are not Christians, or if we are non-believers, and a prayer is being led by a Christian, it seems the prayer almost always ends with the words “in […]

America: Ready to vote for an atheist?

As a scientist, I’m skeptical of public opinion polls, which depend so heavily on the wording of questions, the context of the survey, and representativeness or appropriateness of the sample, among many other factors.  Then, too, I’m always suspicious as to the extent to which one’s willingness to render an opinion on a survey translates […]

The mission of the RAP sheet blog

Here’s the content of the About page, as of day one of this blog (June 23, 2012): I’m a Republican, Atheist, Professor, which is where the acronym RAP sheet comes from.  (I rejected the title Conservative, Republican, Atheist, Professor after a few moments’ consideration.) The motivation for this blog is that I often feel like […]