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Redistribution of Grade Point Averages

Recently I discovered the following video on YouTube thanks to a Facebook posting by Arthur Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute: For those of you who don’t have the time or privacy to play videos while you are reading a blog (the case for me about two thirds of the time), here’s a synopsis.  […]

Questioning Authority: The Intoxicant of the Liberal Mind?

As I’ve written earlier, the main goal of this blog is to understand my own conversion (at the age of 20) from a liberal to a conservative, and secondarily, to understand why my peer group (college professors) generally have not made the same conversion. A constancy in my personality is that I have a bit […]

The mission of the RAP sheet blog

Here’s the content of the About page, as of day one of this blog (June 23, 2012): I’m a Republican, Atheist, Professor, which is where the acronym RAP sheet comes from.  (I rejected the title Conservative, Republican, Atheist, Professor after a few moments’ consideration.) The motivation for this blog is that I often feel like […]