1. I worked in the group insurance world for many years, and much of what you say is very true, however there are significant differences between medical and dental insurance. No one was ever bankrupted by dental expenses,and although it is possible, I doubt that anyone ever died from dental disease.
    I agree that much of what ails us could be prevented with the true preventive care you identified: diet, exercise– life style decisions.

  2. I’ve thought many times about doing what you talk about, not accepting “benefits” (insert laugh track) from my employer and then saving the money, but that could also go wrong really quickly if something catastrophic happened that first year or two. I also can’t stand how we never know how much something is going to cost (medical insurance complaint) until months after a procedure/visit, and a bunch of minor players want a huge amount of money. Ugh.

    1. I think my proposal wouldn’t work without some additional coverage for the “catastrophic” cases. I’m thinking there might be enough savings from unleashing the market in terms of lowering costs that the savings could be used to fund a high-risk pool.

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