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You’re Right, John Roberts, But That’s Not The Issue

“It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” – John Roberts, National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sibelius On Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States released its decision on National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sibelius, more popularly-known as the Obamacare ruling.  In brief, the […]

Redistribution of Grade Point Averages

Recently I discovered the following video on YouTube thanks to a Facebook posting by Arthur Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute: For those of you who don’t have the time or privacy to play videos while you are reading a blog (the case for me about two thirds of the time), here’s a synopsis.  […]

A Modest Proposal: A Few Simple Steps To Ruin Auto Insurance

My fellow Americans,  I come before you today to call your attention to a grave and consequential dereliction of duty among our Congressmen and Congresswomen.  The so-called Obamacare Supreme Court decision is expected to come down to us later today.  Regardless of whether the Justices determine that the bill is constitutional or unconstitutional, in whole […]

But I Thought We Had An Immigration Problem?

One of the issues that Republicans oversimplify, I believe, is that of the “immigration problem”.  I don’t believe that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs from hard working citizens (to any great extent), and I don’t believe they are significantly draining our public resources.  I don’t think the solution is mass deportations, and I do think […]

Questioning Authority: The Intoxicant of the Liberal Mind?

As I’ve written earlier, the main goal of this blog is to understand my own conversion (at the age of 20) from a liberal to a conservative, and secondarily, to understand why my peer group (college professors) generally have not made the same conversion. A constancy in my personality is that I have a bit […]

America: Ready to vote for an atheist?

As a scientist, I’m skeptical of public opinion polls, which depend so heavily on the wording of questions, the context of the survey, and representativeness or appropriateness of the sample, among many other factors.  Then, too, I’m always suspicious as to the extent to which one’s willingness to render an opinion on a survey translates […]

My Conversion

I wasn’t always a Republican. So I guess I fall into that category described by the philosopher C.D. Broad, who famously noted: Not to be a radical when one is young argues hardness of the heart; to remain so when one is old argues softness of the head. (Curiously, I have usually heard that quote […]